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Santa’s Butt


Brewery Website: www.sheltonbrothers.com

Type of Beer: English Porter

Alcohol Content: 6.0%

Beer Review –

Appearance: Pours a deep red brown with a very thin head that recedes quickly to a film.

Smell: Toasted malts and unsweetened chocolate lead the scents on this one. Their is also a nice yeasty, bread-like smell that finishes with slight alcohol esters.

Initial Taste: The taste follows pretty closely with the smell. Even though this looks like it would be a strong beer the flavors are actually quite muted. The initial taste is sweet malts followed with chocolate and coffee. I can’t pick out much hops whatsoever even though I’m assured they are there. Finish is ok but thin.

Thoughts: This beer is from the Ridgeway Brewery in England. When browsing the beer aisle it’s not hard to pick out their lineup of beers. All the artwork for the labels is done by the fantasy artist Gary Lippincott. I spent more time looking at these labels then I did reading the descriptions…haha. And with names like “Santa’s Butt”, “Bad Elf”, “Lump of Coal” and “Reindeer Droppings” they easily take the award for most creative beer names! While there are better respresentations of this style available this is still a good beer. It’s easy to drink, tastes like chocolate and has a decent alcohol content.

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