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Green Flash West Coast IPA

Now that's an IPA! Big sharp hops slice through your taste buds with a pine resin, grapefruit citrus bitterness. But don't fear, there is a sweetness of toasted, caramel, bready malts that cuts down the bitterness perfectly. The finish is what you would expect from such a complex IPA; an oily, floral, hop pungency that leaves your mouth watering for the next sip. And even though its a 7.3% abv there is little to no alcohol esters to be found. Read More »

Earth Thirst Double IPA

Eel River Brewing Company is unique not only in the fact that they are an organic brewery, but that they were the first all-organic brewery in America. And in keeping with the earth friendly theme every year on Earth Day (April 22nd) they brew this special double IPA to help raise awareness and actually give a portion of all the proceeds back to the California Certified Organic Farmers. So by drinking this beer you not only get to enjoy a well made double IPA but your giving to a good cause. So here's to Earth Day and to a well-balanced and quite delicious double IPA! Cheers! Read More »

Jai Alai IPA

This is the flagship beer for Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa Florida. Jai Alai IPA (pronounced "high-lie") pushes the boundaries of an American IPA with almost enough hops to push it into the Double ( or Imperial) IPA category. However when you try it you'll notice that even though this is a hop monster its also beautifully balanced with a caramel sweetness that makes this one of the best IPA's I've had the opportunity to try. The hop profile is professionally choreographed with flavors of citrus and piney bitterness that has fruity highlights of peaches and apricots. This is proof that the brew geeks over at CCB know how to make some pretty decent suds. If you haven't tried this, or any CCB beer for that matter, don't delay any longer. Get out there and try some of the best craft beer America has to offer. Cheers! Read More »

A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

Hops, hops and oh...hops! For being a wheat beer this sucker smells like it is loaded with hops. Lagunitas claims it has every hop starting with the letter "c". Certainly smells like. With scents of pine, apricots, grapefruits, peaches and some pale malts climbing into your nose all at once, this beer is a powerfully scented beer. The mind immediately expects an IPA style taste to follow. Read More »

Indian Brown Ale

The flavor is incredibly smooth and creamy. The delicious sweetness of the caramel malts come on first then followed by subtle burnt sugar and molasses. After the sweet flavors dissipate a bit the flavor turns into a nice mixture of bittersweet chocolate and bitter hops. Read More »