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Lunch is now my favorite meal!
Lunch IPA from Maine Beer Company

Lunch is now my favorite meal!

So it’s safe to say, the two times that family always seems to get together is weddings and funerals. I unfortunately had to attend the passing of my 94-year-old grandmother recently. It was sad but she was ready, and it was good to see my grandfather too, he looked awesome at 97 and still has it all together. And I always thought that the husband goes first?

Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company

Well, I got to spend some quality time with family. I was even able to meet my new niece, Dillon, who was precious. I was also able to grab a few beers with my dad and brother which brings us to our story. My brother, Chris, took us to this place called the TAPROOM No.307. It was a good spot with a good atmosphere and terrific beer selection. My brother knows me so well. ☺

While we were looking over the menu for our 2nd round (of many) I overhead the bartender mention a keg was just tapped that was not on the menu. I had to ask her about it and she said it was an IPA from a brewery in Maine. Whhaaaaatt? Being my favorite style I had to try.

The funniest part about trying this beer was listening to the bartender explain it to us. She said it was from a brewery in Maine, about an hour south of us. We are in NYC! It just got better; we played along and let her continue to make things up about the brewery and the beer style. It was a great laugh for such a somber visit to New York.

Anyway, what can’t be made is how good this beer is. It is the closest thing to Heady Topper I have ever had. The balance of Hops, pine and citrus (grapefruit) was just amazing. The brewery is called Maine Beer Company and is located in Freeport Maine. Like a lot of brewery stories it started with 2 brothers in Portland Maine making beer for themselves then selling it door to door and eventually expanding into their own brewery. Is there anything more American?

If you have a chance to try Lunch from Maine Beer Company you have too! I am on a hunt for whatever beer I can find from MBC in my area, if it’s half as good as lunch I bet it will be fantastic.

Congrats Dave and Daniel Kleban. You guys make great beer. Keep doing what’s right.


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