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Weyerbacher Winter Ale

It's no secret that Weyerbacher makes award winning beers and their Winter Ale is one of them. Taking home the Silver Medal at the World Beer Championships this beer is no slouch. This winter ale has everything needed to keep you warm through those blustery winter months with a molasses-like brown sugary sweetness, dark fruity esters of cherries and plums and just enough hops to keep the sweet flavors from becoming too cloying. Read More »

Fall Fest

The Abita Brewery, located in Abita Springs Louisiana, brews its beer with water from artesian wells in Abita Springs making it rather unique as no other brewery has claim to such water. Whether or not this really makes a difference in the beer is up to you. Read More »

Old Thumper ESA

This is a special beer as it isn't originally an American one. The story of this beer starts in Ringwood England at the Ringwood Brewery where it stands as their flagship beer. Lucky for us colonials Shipyard Brewery's brewmaster Alan Pugsley worked at the Ringwood Brewery and tutored under their brewmaster who allowed him to take this recipe to America and be brewed solely under the Shipyard name. So what we are tasting isn't just another great Shipyard beer but a great European beer that no other brewery can offer. But what makes this beer so special isn't it's history but the special Ringwood yeast strain that is used. This yeast comes from the town of the same name that imbues a unique buttery (diacetyl) flavor which gives beer a rich, buttery smooth palate. So if you like ringwood beers then you must go out and try this one. It's a rich, sweet, medium bodied, buttery yet bitter beer that is balanced extremely well. I highly recommend. Cheers! Read More »

10 Degrees Below

Like the smell would suggest the flavor is predominantly sweet. Big flavors up front with molasses, chocolate and caramel being easy to spot out of the gate. Flavor rounds off with an earthy hoppy bitterness that really helps cut through the bold sweetness of the malts. There is also a nice biscuity flavor that blends very well with the hops helping to give it a dryer finish that clears the palate readying you for that next sip. Aftertaste is subtly sweet with hints of those earthy hops. Read More »

Breckenridge Christmas Ale

Breckenridge Brewery is no stranger to making unique and delicious beers like their Vanilla Porter and Agave Wheat so when it came time to check out their Christmas seasonal I knew I would be in for a treat and happily I was right. Their Christmas Ale is everything you would expect from a well crafted winter warmer: spicy, strong, sweet, malty backbone with a good hop presence. This holiday beer delivers right on par with good strong malt flavors and spicy hops and dark fruits with a high alcohol content to keep you warm on those chilly freezing winter nights. So a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good a beer! Read More »