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Paulaner Hefe-weizen

Fantastic representation of it's style. If you are looking for a quality hefeweizen that tastes of citrus and is very easy to drink with very little bite and nice wheat flavors...this is the one. We reccomend drinking this beer how it's meant to be enjoyed, in a wheat beer glass. This glass can also double as your pilsner glass, a staple for beer drinkers. This is my personal favorite hefeweizen. Read More »

St. Bernardus Tripel

This was a pleasure to drink. Our favorite beer from the St. Bernardus lineup. The fruity malt flavors are wonderfully balanced with the softnotes of warm biscuits and sweet hops. The after taste is light and fruity with a slight hop bitterness. While I wouldn't consider this (or any Belgian ale) to be a session beer you can easily drink more than one without becoming overcome with the flavor. Read More »

St. Bernardus Pater 6

This was a strong beer with full flavors lasting long after you have finished the beer. The bitter hopiness is balanced well with the doughy sweet flavors. This is a good beer but not the best out of the St. Bernardus lineup. The bitterness of this particular selection of St. Bernardus is much stronger the rest of their beers. Read More »