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About The Beer Critic

The Critic

TheBeerCritic was created by me, Scott. I am a guy who not only loves to try new beers but wants to share my experiences with other beer-minded people. The goal is to help people step out of their comfort zones a bit to learn about and try new beers. I will do my best to give straight forward, honest, as-little-fluff-as-possible reviews. Does this mean beer snobs aren’t allowed? Of course not…just because we aren’t pro beer reviewers doesn’t mean we don’t welcome them to the site. By all means come and give us your review, I am open to all lovers of beer, no matter what your level of expertise. Proof of that is, Brendan, my beer buddy.

The Review Process

The review process is kept simple for a reason. Keep things as light and as straightforward as possible. We review each beer based on three separate factors- Appearance, Smell and Taste. We kept things simple so any average beer lover would be able to leave their own review without much effort.

Here is how we review the beers:

  • The Pour – This doesn’t really count as a reviewing factor but it’s good to know in order to get the most out of your beer. It’s important to pour the beer correctly to release the beer’s aromas and flavors. Here is a good video help illustrate the correct pour. Learn how to pour a beer. Sorry people…NO drinking from the bottle. 🙂
  • Appearance – Notice how the beer pours. What color is it? How clear is it? Is there sediment in the bottom of the glass? How big or small was the head? When the head dissipated was there any lacing?
  • Smell – Put your nose right up to the beer and breath in deep. What are some of the first scents you pick up on? The more you smell the beer the more scents you will notice.
  • Taste – The best part! Take that first delicious (hopefully) drink of that beer. Take note of the first flavors that hit your tongue. Are they sweet? Fruity? Malty?..you get the idea. Take a few more drinks and get a good feel for how the flavor changes as you drink it. Don’t forget to note if there is an aftertaste and what flavors stay in your mouth after you’re done.

That’s it. Pretty simple and very enjoyable. You will notice as we did that the more you do this the more scents and flavors you will begin picking up from the beers. Even from those beers you’ve been drinking for years.

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do. Make sure you find some time to leave a few reviews of your own. And if we are missing your favorite beer, please let us know! Happy reviewing!


  1. I’m the overworked, underpaid editor of a 14 year old tabloid magazine, Planet Weekly (circ. 5,000) serving Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama and the Crimson Tide. We recently lost our beer reviewer and it’s a heavy loss. I’ve been googling around in an effort to find beer lovers who also like to write about beer and I came upon your very fine site. So, I was wondering if you’d let us run some reprints of some of your reviews. We can’t pay anything, but we can give you advertising promoting your website as well as provide a link to your site via our site. Please let me know one way or the other. I really admire what you guys do. I can send a PDF of the Planet Weekly to you if you’ll email your email address. Thanks.

  2. Scott,

    I am writing a paper on companys that use mythological characters as product names or their brand name. I am citing your blog on Ninkasi Brewing Co., however, I need your last name. Would you mind emailing me that info or post a reply? I really appreciate your help!