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Dogfish Head Raison D’etre

dogfish head raison detreType of Beer: Belgian Ale

Alcohol Content: 8.00%

Beer Review –

Appearance: Deep red color, low carbonation, thick amber two-finger head. Nice lacing.

Smell: Interesting. Immediately picked up the smell of the Belgian Sugar, smells like sweet toasted sugar. Really  nice smell.

Initial Taste: The taste is a little complex. There were only hints of the sugar that was so prevalent in the smell. Malty, some hop bitterness and the 8% alc is definitely noticed.

Thoughts: I picked up this beer because I have loved everything from the Dogfish Head lineup thus far. While this beer does not disappoint it takes a few drinks to get used to the flavor. I really wished the flavor of the sugar and the raisins came through a little more. I cant tell you nice this smelled. If it tasted exactly how it smelled…this would be in my top 3 beers. But alas…it does not. Good beer but not among their best in my opinion.

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