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Brendan is Scott's Ed to Johnny, Chuy to Chelsea, Andy to Conan, Guillermo to Jimmy... You get the idea. He loves his family and friends but doesn't mind stopping to have a cold craft beer that makes him late for important events, ahhhhhh. He too is a hop head but since joining The BeerCritic has expanded his beer horizons, along with his belly, and truly enjoys the different tastes and styles the beer crafters have created. Beer is proof that God loves us. Cheers

Misery Bay IPA

Beer review on Misery Bay IPA from Erie Brewing located in Erie, Pennsylvania. I never heard of them, so I had to look them up. According to their website they started out as a Brew Pub in 1994. By 1999 they became a full-fledged microbrewery. Read More »

Grey Lady Ale

They started out making their beer, get this, above a winery! Dean & Melissa Long needed help at the winery, Nantucket Vineyards and Wendy & Randy needed a place to live. So now they are making beer and wine. This sounds like a TV show. Read More »

Fat Tire! To match the spare tire.

Okay, so I heard a lot about this Fat Tire. Well… I heard quite a bit about it. Alright, alright, 2 people told me about it. I was lucky enough that a beer buddy at my day job did a beer swap with me, thanks Jeff. My other friend, who shall remain nameless, didn’t even offer to send me one. Thanks a lot Roman. Oooops. O.o Read More »

16 Miles from anywhere

CHAAAAARRRRRRRRGGE! That’s what they say in all those revolutionary war movies, right? The only one I remember seeing is the Patriot, and that was pretty good and sad (sniffle). By now you are saying, “what the hell is he talking about?” Well, I am talking about 16 Mile Brewing Company. Read More »