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Brendan is Scott's Ed to Johnny, Chuy to Chelsea, Andy to Conan, Guillermo to Jimmy... You get the idea. He loves his family and friends but doesn't mind stopping to have a cold craft beer that makes him late for important events, ahhhhhh. He too is a hop head but since joining The BeerCritic has expanded his beer horizons, along with his belly, and truly enjoys the different tastes and styles the beer crafters have created. Beer is proof that God loves us. Cheers


The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery is based out of Farmville, NC and was founded by a former University philosophy teacher, Paul Philippon. His label is derived Gestalt-style image called the Duck-Rabbit diagram. This diagram can be found in the Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Not the other Ludwig’s, because there are so many of them, @_@. I feel like I’m doing a research paper, geeze louise. Anyway, Paul likes the idea of using a logo that had ties to his former life. Read More »


Last week I was shopping and came across an India Pale Ale 750ml bottle, I was in such a rush I didn’t read the label in its entirety. I saw India Pale Ale and ran with it. Well, much to my surprise it was from London. And with the Olympics still fresh in my mind I was very happy to come across it. Read More »


HAPPY NEW YEAR! So I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I sure did. I had lots of family time, way too much food, and plenty of beer. I did make a New Year’s Resolution, to write more stories for thebeercritic.com. I already feel guilty because we are into the 3rd week of 2012 and I have not posted anything but it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. And right now I wish I didn’t finish my Oak Aged Unearthy IPA. Read More »