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Mama’s Little Yella Pils


Brewery Website: www.oskarblues.com

Type of Beer: Czech Pilsener

Alcohol Content: 5.3%

Beer Review –

Appearance: Pours a hazy, bright yellow-gold with brilliant, white one-finger head that settles to a white film leaving behind beautiful lacing. VERY attractive pils!

Smell: Nice, clean smell. Some lemon citrus with soft yeasts and biscuit malts.

Initial Taste: Tastes like how a pilsner beer should taste. Sweet taste up front with a soft hop bite. Light malt and light hop make this a very easy to drink beer. The finish is very clean and ever so slightly bitter…begging you to drink more.

Thoughts: Another home run by those can-happy beer wizards at Oskar Blues Grill and Brewery. It’s one thing to make such delicious craft beer but to put it in a can as well? Crazyness. With Mama’s Little Yalla Pils these guys have created a pilsner (or spelled pilsener) beer in the tradition of the original pilsner from Pilsen, Czech Republic. Unlike mass market “pilsners” diluted with corn & rice, Mama’s Little Pils is made with 100% pale malt, German specialty malts, and Bavarian hops. Pilsners have always been my favorite style of beer. Pilsners are usually lightly flavored, refreshing, crisp and very easy to drink making them the perfect session beer. Oskar Blue’s pilsner delivers on these points with perfection. If you are a fan of this style of beer you are doing yourself a huge disservice by not running out and getting yourself a can of this golden deliciousness. Don’t fear the can!

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