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Polestar Pilsner

This beer is the product of the ever creative Left Hand Brewing Company located in Colorado that in 2007 took home the bronze metal at the North American Beer awards (pretty cool!). It's easy to see why this refreshing pilsner is award winning. The flavor is skillfully crafted to be subtly sweet and yet refreshingly hoppy making this a light, crisp, dry beer that ranks among the best session beers I've had the chance to review. I will no doubt be stocking my fridge this summer with lots of Polestar (and how cool is the name?). But don't fear, even though this is probably the perfect beer for the summer heat this masterful lager is among their "perennial" beers meaning it's available all year round. So the next time you have a bbq or make a pot a chili or just need something to combat the seemingly never-ending heat of summer, check out Polestar. You won't regret it. Cheers! Read More »

Saranac Octoberfest

Starts off pretty mild and sweet with with flavors of vanilla, caramel malt and toasted sugar hitting the tongue first. Flavor starts to dry out with a hop bitterness that is spicy more than the floral. While the hops are certainly apparent but only make a dent in the malt-heavy backbone. Finish is somewhat dry with little to no aftertaste. Read More »

Rope Swing Summer Pilsner

The aroma is distinctly that of a pilsner, cereal grains with scents of spices and citrus fruit. This however has a nice sweetness to it as well, almost smells like honey and caramel. Very clean smelling. Read More »