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Guinness Draught

Guinness_canType of Beer: Irish Stout

Alcohol Content: 4.20%

Beer Review –

Appearance: Looks opaque black but if you hold it up to the light you will notice there are red hues. Thick creamy head that lasts. Lots of lacing. Best cascading effect of any beer out there.

Smell: Sweet malts and roasted coffee. Nothing smells quite like a Guinness.

Initial Taste: Super smooth and incredibly creamy. The taste of the roasted malts give you hints of chocolate and smokey flavors with a soft bite at the end. Hard to put down.

Thoughts: There are very few other beers that taste like Guinness. While this isn’t best stout available it is by far the most popular. This delicious beer is enjoyed around the world (150 countries). I well prefer this version of the brew over it’s siblings, Extra Stout and Foreign Extra Stout. If you are looking for a smooth dark stout with possible mystic healing powers…Guinness is the beer for you.

About Scott

Scott is the founder and co-beer taster of TheBeerCritic.com. Born in the mighty Northeast, Scott enjoys navigating by the stars, wrestling wolverines and starting campfires with nothing but his good looks. He is also a hopeless hophead. If it's not enamel melting hoppy then it's not a real beer ;)


  1. guinness is beautiful.. but a pint served at the right temperature in Dublin and a few other spots in Ireland including Belfast really puts the draught to shame… have u tried it in Ireland?

  2. The key to a good pint of Guinness is:

    1. It MUST MUST MUST be poured properly. ie – Poured 3 quarters full, left to settle until fully black and then topped up.

    2. It must be judged only if drank in Ireland.

    Im from Ireland and have been abroad and seen people butcher Guinness Draught by not pouring it properly.

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