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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout


Type of Beer: Imperial Stout

Alcohol Content: 10.6%

Beer Review –

Appearance: Pours a really cool ink black with a thick , brown, two-finger head that has great retention. Lacing is very good.

Smell: This is a very strong smelling beer. Right off the bat you can easily pick up on the chocolate notes that smell like dark chocolate coffee beans. The chocolate/coffee bean smell finished with alcohol esters.

Initial Taste: Very full bodied and creamy. What a flavor! Sweet chocolaty malts mix with strong coffee bean flavors. Some alcohol taste but for having almost 11% alcohol you can hardly tell.

Thoughts: Very interesting beer. The unsweetened chocolate notes make the beer taste more like espresso than chocolate. There is still a nice chocolate flavor there that helps balance the bitter flavors of the burnt malts and hops. This is a very high alcohol content beer with an abv of 10.6% but you really can’t taste the alcohol. However, there is a nice throat and chest warming sensation when drinking this beer. 🙂 I highly recommend this beer to anyone who likes chocolate stouts. This is by far the best chocolate stout I’ve ever had. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout represents the very best of this style of beer.

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