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16 Miles from anywhere

CHAAAAARRRRRRRRGGE! That’s what they say in all those revolutionary war movies, right? The only one I remember seeing is the Patriot, and that was pretty good and sad (sniffle). By now you are saying, “what the hell is he talking about?” Well, I am talking about 16 Mile Brewing Company. Read More »


The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery is based out of Farmville, NC and was founded by a former University philosophy teacher, Paul Philippon. His label is derived Gestalt-style image called the Duck-Rabbit diagram. This diagram can be found in the Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Not the other Ludwig’s, because there are so many of them, @_@. I feel like I’m doing a research paper, geeze louise. Anyway, Paul likes the idea of using a logo that had ties to his former life. Read More »


Last week I was shopping and came across an India Pale Ale 750ml bottle, I was in such a rush I didn’t read the label in its entirety. I saw India Pale Ale and ran with it. Well, much to my surprise it was from London. And with the Olympics still fresh in my mind I was very happy to come across it. Read More »