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It's important to remember that this isn't your typical oktoberfest lager. It's an ale (amber ale) with oktoberfest style ingredients. Magic Hat is well known for making slightly odd-ball brews with flavors you normally wouldn't see in beers. Hex fits in very well to their lineup of strange brews. This "hybrid" oktoberfest or as they put it "Ourtoberfest" is a mild beer that tastes mostly like a Marzan with it's sweet flavors and buscuity maltiness. There is only a slight hint that this beer isn't a lager as the hops make the beer a little dryer than what you would normally see in an oktoberfest marzan style lager. The is also a special ingredient they fail to mention. I personally think it's some sort of melon but you will have to taste to determine for yourself. The flavors are quite mild making this is a worth session beer. I would have liked a little less carbonation, more flavor and a little more balance to the sweetness but overall it's a decent beer that I will certainly buy again. Cheers! Read More »

Saranac Octoberfest

Starts off pretty mild and sweet with with flavors of vanilla, caramel malt and toasted sugar hitting the tongue first. Flavor starts to dry out with a hop bitterness that is spicy more than the floral. While the hops are certainly apparent but only make a dent in the malt-heavy backbone. Finish is somewhat dry with little to no aftertaste. Read More »

Laughing Skull Amber Ale

Starts off with nice toffee sweetness picked up from the caramel malts along with soft bread-like yeast flavor that helps mellow out the sweetness. The light flavors that kicked this beer off gave way to a slight bitter hoppy profile. The earthy bitterness continues to the finish leaving you with a somewhat dry aftertaste. Read More »

Starr Hill Amber Ale

Irish Red Ales have always been hit and miss for me as the balance of malt and hops can easily become one-sided on the side of the malts making the beer overly sweet for me. Thankfully the brewmasters over at Starr Hill have come up with an award winning recipe that maintains a strong malty sweetness and has enough hops to help balance the scales. Read More »

Censored Rich Copper Ale

Talk about a sweet smelling beer, this puppy is bursting with malty goodness. The dark malts give a nice toasted brown sugar and chocolate sweetness and we can thank the crystal malts for the delicious toffee smell. Read More »