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Pilsner Urquell

PilsnerUrquellType of Beer: Pilsner

Alcohol Content: 4.40%

Beer Review –

Appearance: Pours a beautiful golden orange with pure white head. Good lacing.

Smell: Soft hoppiness with subtle bread and citrus notes.

Initial Taste: Perfect mix of crisp hops and smooth malt. Finishes with a nice dry bitterness that makes you want more.

Thoughts: This beer is special as it is the original Pilsner beer. Most lagers made in the rest of the world are based upon this delicious brew. I recommend this beer to anyone who is looking for a refreshing, crisp, session beer. Enjoy!

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Scott is the founder and co-beer taster of TheBeerCritic.com. Born in the mighty Northeast, Scott enjoys navigating by the stars, wrestling wolverines and starting campfires with nothing but his good looks. He is also a hopeless hophead. If it's not enamel melting hoppy then it's not a real beer ;)

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