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Grey Lady Ale

They started out making their beer, get this, above a winery! Dean & Melissa Long needed help at the winery, Nantucket Vineyards and Wendy & Randy needed a place to live. So now they are making beer and wine. This sounds like a TV show. Read More »

Fat Tire! To match the spare tire.

Okay, so I heard a lot about this Fat Tire. Well… I heard quite a bit about it. Alright, alright, 2 people told me about it. I was lucky enough that a beer buddy at my day job did a beer swap with me, thanks Jeff. My other friend, who shall remain nameless, didn’t even offer to send me one. Thanks a lot Roman. Oooops. O.o Read More »

16 Miles from anywhere

CHAAAAARRRRRRRRGGE! That’s what they say in all those revolutionary war movies, right? The only one I remember seeing is the Patriot, and that was pretty good and sad (sniffle). By now you are saying, “what the hell is he talking about?” Well, I am talking about 16 Mile Brewing Company. Read More »