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Beer Reviews

Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale

Crazy Mountain Brewing is a can-only brewery that hails from Vail Valley, Colorado and has just recently opened up to limited nation-wide distributing.Being in one of the select few states to get their beer, this was my first entry into the beers that make up Crazy Mountain. This was pretty much what I would normally expect from an American pale ale. Sweet yet dry and hoppy. Read More »

Earth Thirst Double IPA

Eel River Brewing Company is unique not only in the fact that they are an organic brewery, but that they were the first all-organic brewery in America. And in keeping with the earth friendly theme every year on Earth Day (April 22nd) they brew this special double IPA to help raise awareness and actually give a portion of all the proceeds back to the California Certified Organic Farmers. So by drinking this beer you not only get to enjoy a well made double IPA but your giving to a good cause. So here's to Earth Day and to a well-balanced and quite delicious double IPA! Cheers! Read More »

Mary’s Maple Porter Review

Surprisingly sweet taste, little coffee, little nutty flavor with a dark malty back end. Smooth, smooth on the mouth but not oily like some porters, carbonation is almost non-existent and the finish is a lingering malt/nutty flavor with a touch of alcohol. Read More »

Santa’s Private Reserve Ale

From the smell one would assume this would be a very malt-heavy beer and lacking on the hops but one would be wrong. The flavors found in the smell are also very present in the taste with sweet bready malts hitting the tongue first followed by those dark candied fruits like figs and prunes. Then the hops come into play with a commanding citric-pine spiciness. For the remainder of the beer the flavor passes from brown-sugar sweet to citrus-zest bitter while the hops and malt fight for dominance. The finish is both dry and slightly sweet leaving your taste-buds ready for the next drink. Read More »