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Beers and Bars for Sweater Weather

The Beer : Sixpoint Pumpkin Brewster Get it at : Jo's , $6/pint When : Nostalgia for bizarro 65 degree autumn days creeps in and scantily clad Lady Gagas and Sookies are Halloween memories long past. Read More »

Beer Fragrances in Beer Soap

I just got finished making two batches of beer soap with beer fragrances. When I was making and selling soap, my Citrus Honey Bock soap was one of my all time best sellers. Read More »

The Beer Here November 5 print column

Woodstock's Gregg Fujino has out done himself thios year, with seven years of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale for yer tasting pleasure...don't expect all of them to last for the entire afternoon... SEVEN YEARS OF S/N-Gregg Fujino's vertical tastings of S... Read More »