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Blue Point Summer Ale

Light and malty. Soft bready malts hit the tongue first leading you into a light and refreshing beer with hints of orange peel and coriander. There is a hint of citrus hops but it never really made itself present. The finish was a little flat with that same sourness I noticed in the smell. Read More »

Summer Ale – Shipyard Brewing Co.

Some fruit and bready wheat in the nose but very soft. Definitely noticed a diacetyl buttery smell that overwhelmed the other scents that may have been there. The buttery smell isn't offensive but certainly seems like an odd smell for a summer style ale. Not exactly a "refreshing" smelling beer. Read More »

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Crisp and clean this beer hits the spot on a hot summer afternoon. Brooklyn Brewery have a great job at making a beer that is light enough for good drinkability yet flavorful enough to not get boring. Read More »