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Old Thumper ESA

This is a special beer as it isn't originally an American one. The story of this beer starts in Ringwood England at the Ringwood Brewery where it stands as their flagship beer. Lucky for us colonials Shipyard Brewery's brewmaster Alan Pugsley worked at the Ringwood Brewery and tutored under their brewmaster who allowed him to take this recipe to America and be brewed solely under the Shipyard name. So what we are tasting isn't just another great Shipyard beer but a great European beer that no other brewery can offer. But what makes this beer so special isn't it's history but the special Ringwood yeast strain that is used. This yeast comes from the town of the same name that imbues a unique buttery (diacetyl) flavor which gives beer a rich, buttery smooth palate. So if you like ringwood beers then you must go out and try this one. It's a rich, sweet, medium bodied, buttery yet bitter beer that is balanced extremely well. I highly recommend. Cheers! Read More »

Fuller’s ESB

This was an interesting beer. The flavors changed the more you drank it. The initial liquor-beer flavor that puts you off in the beginning subsides to a slightly fruity, malty taste with heavy hop finish. You have to be a fan of this style of beer (english esb) to really enjoy it. Not my personal favorite but very good representation of the style. Read More »